Why Brazillian Supplex?

So the big question we get all the time is- Why are these leggings so much more superior then others? Well now we will explain in detail, the benefits of purchasing Brazillian supplex.

Supplex is:

  • Durable/Anti abrasion
  • Non shrinking
  • Wrinkle free
  • UV protection
  • Stretch – shape retain
  • Moisture wicking
  • Fast drying
  • Breathable fabric
  • Anti odor
  • Anti microbial
  • Anti chafing

When we say “Durable” We mean it. That extra money you are spending is because these leggings will last you a very long time! The typical 10 or 15 dollar legging, while it may seem like a great deal at the time, you wear them a handful of times to the gym and before you know it they are already ripped, pilling, or stretched out! So think about that when you are debating on purchasing supplex leggings. These leggings will not pill or fade in the wash so you never have to worry about that being an issue ever again! Everytime you wash them its as if they are brand new. (NOT EXAGGERATING), its amazing really.

These Brazillian Supplex leggings will also not shrink in the wash or dryer as well. Your typical cotton legging almost always will shrink after drying. Supplex you can be care free and not have to stress if you accidentally threw them in the dryer!

No more wrinkles!! Hallelujah! How irritating is it after you wash a pair of leggings and they come out of the washer lookiing like folded tin foil? With supplex again, it is so care free that there is no more stressing about if your leggings will wrinkle!

The best thing about supplex, is that it is moisture wicking and FAST drying. Ladies you know how embarassing it can be when you are at the gym and you get the dreaded “looks like I peed my pants” sweat marks. There is no more worry about that with supplex! It also is fast drying, so no more sitting in wet sweaty gym clothes and rushing home to shower, now you can actually run some errands after the gym care free and not feeling like you are wearing wet diaper.The Fabric is not see through either, so  no more stressing when you go to bend over that someones gonna see too much of you!

No more Stink!! Some leggings really start to smell after you have them for a while, supplex does not do that, so no more smelly legings! See what I mean when I say they REALLY will last a very long time?!

Well if I havent convinced you enough on the scientific part of Supplex, then just take a look at all of our amazing patterns we have to offer. We have some of the most unique designs and i’m  sure at least one will catch your eye!


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