Whats worse- Over eating or Under eating?

Living in a time where there are so many different fad diets, so much different controversies. It can be so confusing to figure out a good healthy diet, and one that works for you.

SO, the big question- Whats worse? Over eating, or under eating? Well, to be honest they both are equally bad. Most of the time, peoples biggest problem with losing weight is that they are either eating too much or too little. Obviously we know that over eating and binge eating can lead to metabolic problems, and obesity. Under eating, will seem great at first and you’ll drop weight quickly. Especially if you went from eating a ton to eating hardly anything. This will quickly wear off. Under eating is NEVER the solution to losing weight! When you slash your calories you will more then likely eventually have a ton of negative hormonal adaptations, cortisol will quickly go up as well. If you pair this with tons of aerobic exercise, this is the quickest way to look like a deflated balloon. You may look skinny but you will be what I like to call “Skinny-fat” You may be skinny, but you have no muscle, and probably a little bit of flab aka (no toned body parts.).You literally will look like a deflated balloon.

The right anwser is to always involve a sustainable calorie and macronutrient intake, and always include smart weight training and cardiovascular training. This does not mean 2 hours of running on the treadmill every day.

When trying to make a change in eating habits instead of trying a fad diet or just cutting everything out, try these few things first!

  1. Eliminate junk food, and fast food. Stick with whole foods, such as rice, lean meats, fruits, veggies, oats things of this matter.
  2. Slowly implement work outs and cardio, the first thing people always tend to do is to go from 0-100. They went from doing nothing at all to doing full blown difficult workouts 6-7 times a week. How do you think you’ll feel after that first week is over? You guessed it, like 100 year old person that cant move their toes without it hurting. This is why people always give up so quickly, and not to mention they do all that and then expect to look like a fitness cover model by the end of the first week. And if they don’t then they usually say “Oh forget this”! Then go back to doing nothing, and are stuck in the same boat as they always have been.
  3. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Eliminate those sodas and juices and stick to water. Water is so important to weight loss and for just everything in your body.
  4. Get lots of rest. If you don’t get a good amount of sleep you can be messing with your cortisol levels and actually be making yourself gain weight.

Try these things first before making any drastic changes in your diet and exercise!!

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