The Ultimate Check List For Your Bodybuilding Competition

By: Joie Rizzo


ATTENTION ALL COMPETITORS! Stressing about show day? Trying to make sure you don’t forget anything? Keep reading and I will tell you from my experience what to remember to bring for your big day!

First thing I would recommend is to put all your belongings into a suitcase. They have cute inexpensive ones at TJ Maxx or Ross. If you have a duffle bag you have to remember you are going to be lugging that thing around with you all day, and if you put the strap around your shoulder it WILL mess up your tan. Its best to just go with a cute roller suitcase.




SUIT: Whatever you do, do not forget your suit.This is probably the most important thing out of everything I list that you do not want to forget. Especially if you are traveling out of state check your bag 100 times to make sure that baby is in your bag! For compeitiors that have been doing this a while I always recommend having a back up suit, you never know what can happen and its good to have insurance. I was at a show once and the girls suit broke on stage, so you really want to make sure you have something else just in case!

SHOES: My bikini and figure ladies, this is also something I would recommend eventually investing in a second pair. Again things happen unexpectedly and I have seen someones shoe break backstage. Luckily someone happened to have a spare pair to give her, but in another situation that may not have been the case. If you’re planning on doing this for a while I really encourage you to buy a second pair.

JEWLERY: Again, I will say this is something else you should have a back up of is Jewlery! I always say be safe rather then sorry. Essentials for all competitors are a ring, earrings, and a bracelet. Try to make sure as well when picking jewlery if you have AB crystals on your suit then look for AB crystals. If its just clear then look for clear crystal jewlery. You can find jewlery like this at claires, icing, charming charlies, or Glam competiton jewlery.

HAIRSPRAY/BRUSH: Its very important to remember to bring hair styling tools with you backstage. Yes if you get your hair done it should last all day but your hair person granted, will not be following you around with a hairspray bottle and a hair brush if you need to be fix something. Make sure to take the intiative and bring some hairspray and a brush.

YOUR FOOD- Make sure that whatever food you will be needing backstage that you have all of that packed and ready to go before you leave to go to your competitors meeting. I don’t know how someone could forget to bring their food on show day but I HAVE seen it before!!!! Once you go to your competitors meeting there is not a whole lot of wiggle room with time so its important you have everything that you need when you get to the venu.

PEDIA LIGHT: I learned the hard way my first show that depleting myself of water didn’t sit with me very well. I felt so sick and had an awful headache. Luckily, someone backstage had some pedia light and I had a few swigs of that and felt completely better! Now that is a staple in my suitcase.

LIPSTICK: I am actually a makeup artist myself, I guarantee to all my clients that their makeup will last all day. The only thing I ask they bring is a lipstick, because obviously when you eat it starts to rub off! And show say we eat alot. So make sure to have a color close to what your makeup artist used on you, maybe consult with them before and make sure that the color you have is something that compliments you.

BABY POWDER BECAUSE YOU STINK : If you’ve competed before you know the inevitable smell that tan leaves you with. It doesn’t matter how good you shower the day before you. will. smell. So do everyone a favor and throw some baby powder in your bag with a powder brush and just dust some of that under your armpits. Please, for the sake of everyone elses noses!

PEE CUP: Ladies, I know this sounds absolutely insane, but you will thank me later. When you get your tan it is very hard for us to not mess up our tan when we use the restroom. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve had to go back to the tanning people and tell them I smudged my tan while using the restroom. This device works perfectly so that you will not mess up your tan. I highly recommend one of these!!!!

ROBE: Robes are a really great thing to have on show day. It makes it so easy so that you won’t mess up your tan and then that way if you want to put your suit on but not freeze to death its a cute little cover up. We have beautiful robes here at Be Fit that are available for purchase. Heres a picture of IFBB Pro Zoa Linsey wearing our robe!

BANDS: Do not forget your bands, more then likely there will be no bands for you to pump up with backstage. Once in a while the show will provide some dumbbells but don’t ever count on it! Also make sure to keep track of your bands, PEOPLE WILLSTEAL THEM! I’ve lost way to many bands at shows!

NPC CARD: This is something that pertains more to the day before the show when you check in. Though, I still feel this something you should always keep in your suitcase! You will need your NPC card to check in and its just something good to keep on you in case theres is a mistake and they did not document it.

BABY WIPES: For when the tan just gets too smelly, ladies you know what I mean!

SAFETY PINS: Just incase god forbid something happens to your suit, have some safety pins with you! I hope none of you have to use them but JUST IN CASE!

FLIP FLOPS: Im pretty sure most of you don’t want to be walking around in your heels all day! Make sure you bring a pair of sandals with you!

I hope this check list helped some of you! Good luck in your competition!

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