The “Do’s” And “Dont’s” Of Stage Makeup

Makeup can make or break you on show day. We interviewed Joie Rizzo, a Certified Makeup artist who does makeup for Bodybuilding competitions! She spilled all of her “Do’s and “Don’ts” of  stage makeup. Being a competitor herself she has a great knowledge and makeup skills for stage makeup.



“The number one thing I tell all of my clients is to NOT spray their face. Yes, you can manage to make it look better once you put makeup on, but it still doesn’t change the fact that the competition spray tan is unlike a regular spray tan. The pigment in the competiton tan is much stronger then a regular spray tan and will mess with the makeup and cause it move out of place and even look muddy by the end of the day. I have had clients that have sprayed their faces (I DID NOT RECCOMEND THIS) but I will scrub it off as much as I can and then put the makeup on over it. Still no matter what the pigment of that tan by the end of the day will start to over power the makeup and cause a muddy affect to happen! PLUS, who wants to put all that gunk on your face if you don’t have to?! If your makeup artist knows what they are doing and how to color match there is absolutely no reason you should have to spray your face.

(Below is a picture of one of my very first shows when I sprayed my face and got my makeup done…. As you can see its muddy, and absolutely horrific. Also, this makeup artist had no clue what she was doing, I will refer back to this picture later as well.)”


” Alot of times people associate “stage makeup” with crazy amounts of blush, crazy eyeshadows, bright colored lipstick, big boxy eyebrows, and HUGE eyelashes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, you do want to wear more then usual because the lights can wash you out, and of course you want your features to be seen. But, by adding so much makeup you can actually take away from your features.

Lipstick-Does NOT need to be hot pink or bright red for us to see your lips. For my clients I like to go with more neutral tones, not nude, but more of a mauve, rose, or dark red something that enhances the lips nicely under the lights.

Blush- You don’t need to look like a cabbage patch kid for us to see your cheeks. Yes, put a little more on then you normally would- but that is only because you will be using a darker foundation then normal and you want to make sure your cheeks are still defined.

Eyelashes- You do not need to have gigantic lashes for your eyes to be seen. You want to use a pair of lashes that are a little more dramatic then usual, but when you use too big of lashes it can take over your eye and actually cause your eyes to look like little black beads. Assess your eye shape and find a pair of eyelashes that compliments your eyes. Don’t pass on eyelashes, they really bring together a look and make your eyes look stunning on stage, as long as you choose one the compliments your eyes.

Eyeshadow- Do NOT match your eyeshadow to your suit. There are ways you can incorporate your suit color into your eyeshadow without slabbing that color all over your eyelid. Choose a lighter color for the lid and a darker shade for the outer corner. Glitter always looks nice on the eyelid on stage as well.

Eyebrows- You don’t want catepillar eye brows. Again, make them a little darker then usual but you don’t need to make huge boxes on your face for them to be seen. That is just. not. cute.

Highlight- I love me some highlighter, but this is not the time to be a glowing unicorn. A golden tone always looks nice with the tan, don’t choose something thats too light- the stage lights will reflect off of that and cause you to look either sweaty, or like you have bright glowing streak on your face.”


“Foundation and concealer can be a tricky part of stage makeup. A good rule of thumb for the foundation is to go 1-2 shades lighter then your tan. You never want your makeup to be identical to your tan because again, you start to create a muddiness to your look and it takes away from any demention to your face. You will look like a walking cheese nip if you do this. White face is a common thing that happens as well when you go too light with the foundation shade. Again make sure you use something that is 1-2 shades lighter, then a concealer that is 2 shades lighter then the foundation. Some great brands for foundation are Nars, Mac, and Ben Nye, they all are great coverage and have no flashback from flash photography. Make sure you set the foundation and concealer with a powder to keep your makeup in place all day and prevent you from getting oily! A primer and setting spray are also great to assure that your makeup will last all day.”

Below are some pictures of me at the NPC Miami national championships, as you can see I DID MY MAKEUP and it looks COMPLETELY different then whatever that makeup artist did to my face in the first picture! Its crazy how bad makeup can really ruin your day on stage. I know had my makeup been better at that show I would’ve placed better. 


                                      *SOME OF MY PAST CLIENTS*


The “Do’s” And “Dont’s” Of Stage Makeup, NPC Figure Competitor Makeup, Joie Rizzo Makeup Artist




I hope this helped some of you who have decided to do their own makeup for their shows! If you want to be relaxed and have someone pamper you with hair and makeup on show day, listed below are some shows I will be doing hair and makeup for.

*****If I did not list your show please don’t hesistate to Email me and we can get you set up!********



Instagram- @makeupbyjoie111


5/5- NPC Lee Banks Natural

5/12- NPC Southern USA

6/9- NPC Ultimate Muscle Extravaganza

6/16- NPC Mid Florida Classic

6/23- NPC Southeastern USA

6/30- NPC West Palm Beach

7/7- NPC Ancient City Classic

7/14- NPC Southern States

7/21- NPC Seminole Classic

8/4- NPC/IFBB Tampa Pro

8/11- NPC Gainesville Classic

8/18- NPC Florida State

9/22-NPC/IFBB Hurricane/Typhoon Bay

9/29- NPC Daytona Beach Classic

10/6- NPC Sunset Classic

10/13- NPC Ultimate Grand Prix

11/3- NPC All South Championships




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