The Best Workouts To Build Your Booty!

Well I think its safe to say the days of small glutes and skinny legs are gone! Everyone now wants to build that leg and glute muscle! So what are the absolute BEST glute workouts for building that booty? I’m going to list some of my favorite exercises for glutes and what has helped me build my glutes over the years!


Leg Press-

Leg press is one of my favorite exercises for building muscle! You can change up your foot position to hit different parts of your legs and glutes! My favorite is taking a wider stance and turning my feet far out so you really hit the glutes and hamstrings! 

Sumo squats on smith machine-

I saw someone do these a long time ago and they have been one of my favorite booty workouts ever since! You take a very wide stance and put your feet turned out on the smith machine. Let your glutes fall back and come up and SQUEEZE! Ladies after one rep you’ll see why I love this exercise so much for glutes!

One Leg dead lifts-

One thing I notice girls don’t do enough of for “Booty building” is isolated movements. You can get the size by doing the compound movements, (Squats, leg press, etc)  but whats size with no shape?! To get those round perky glutes and nice shape that everyone wants you have to add isolated movements into your workouts. One leg deadlifts are great because you really are hitting those glutes and hams dead on, you also are working on your balance as well. So all around they are a great exercise!

Abductor machine-

This machine is so great because you can hit every glute muscle by just changing up positon. Try standing up and you will hit that lower glute muscle. Sit down and lean foward and you will hit the top of the glutes, or sit up straight and hit the middle! I add this into every glute workout I do!

Glute Kick backs-

You can do so many variations of this exercise, do them with cables, dumbells, standing, on the floor, to the side the possibilites are endless! If you haven’t noticed a pattern yet, I really like to do exercises that I can do different variations of to change up my workouts!

Frog lifts-

Yes, the name itself is awkward. So yes, you’re right its an awkward movement. I promise you though these are so great for building the glutes so don’t count them out!! If you want those glutes sometimes you have to make sacrafices LOL.

I hope this helps you acheive all your #bootygoals ! Keep working hard and don’t give up, building muscle takes patience and lots of hard work!


Blog by: Joie Rizzo


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