The Benefits Of Drinking A Gallon Of Water A day!

I know, I know…. a GALLON?! Really? That sounds ridiculous. Well, it might sound like a lot to you but to your body that sounds like nothing! I’m going to list several reasons why you NEED to drink at least a gallon a day.

  1. It makes you pretty!!!

Drinking water is important for your hair, your nails, and your skin! All around it is so beneficial. If you have dry skin DRINK WATER. If you have dry hair DRINK WATER. If your nails aren’t growing DRINK WATER. Ever wonder why the doctors always emphasize drinking water? It’s because usually if theres something that doesn’t feel right water always fixes it! If you are dehydrated it can make you more vulnerable to skin disorders and premature wrinkles.

2. It regulates body temperature.

Ever wonder why you sweat? Its because water is stored in the middle layers of the skin and when the body heats up it comes to the surface as sweat. If you don’t have enough water in your body, your body might not be able to handle too much heat strain and you could possibly get sick.

3. It makes you GO!!

Want a quick trick to help you go to the bathroom? Up your water intake. Dehydration can lead to digestive problems and constipation. And when you get constipated you can get heart burn. Basically if you don’t up your water intake one problem leads to another problem! Ultimately it will help you with weight loss as well by drinking more water it helps flush any toxins out, any waste and any excess water you may be holding.

So ditch the sugary sodas and juices and trade it for some water! Its so beneficial. Keep in mind that all you caffeine worshippers out there- for every caffeinated drink you consume you should add another bottle of water to your daily water intake. Caffeine dehydrates you as well!!

Its getting hot outside people!! Happy summer and STAY HYDRATED!!

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