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How to get your booty popping with Be Fit Apparel!

Okay, so you workout, you do your squats, you eat right and all the things. Now you want some hot workout clothes to show off all your hard work! So i’m gonna take you through some of our best selling leggings and shorts that will be sure to give your booty the extra umph! Butt […]

Cheat meals? The Big Question.

By: Joie Rizzo Ok, ok, ok Cheat meals… I know that it is a very confusing subject for a lot of us. “How can a cheat meal REALLY be beneficial in the long run?” ” I am busting my butt to lose weight and now i’m suppose to eat a burger?! What is this madness!!” […]

Why Brazillian Supplex?

So the big question we get all the time is- Why are these leggings so much more superior then others? Well now we will explain in detail, the benefits of purchasing Brazillian supplex. Supplex is: Durable/Anti abrasion Non shrinking Wrinkle free UV protection Stretch – shape retain Moisture wicking Fast drying Breathable fabric Anti odor […]