Protein Cinnamon Crunch Frappuchino!

So, where are super complicated starbucks order people?! This ones for you!!

Now that you started your diet or your new healthy lifestyle, you’ve probably realized by now that your 600 calorie starbucks drink doesn’t exactly fit in your macros. Maybe you didn’t even realize how many calories were even in your drink! Well i’m here to tell you not to get to upset yet! I have a solution!!

So there I was… hungry and trying to be creative on my contest prep. I had this delicious new cinnamon crunch protein powder, so I thought hmmm protein pancakes? But unfortunately that meal didn’t have carbs in it, so I scratched that idea. Then I had a thought, a FRAPPUCHINO!!

So here is my recipe for this delicious drink!

-1 scoop of Ryse Cinnamon toast crunch protein powder (any protein works, but this is my favorite to use.)

-3/4 cup of ice

-5 oz of ice coffee or lukewarm coffee (I used the toasted graham starbucks coffee)

-A dash of cinnamon!

Place all ingredients into blender and blend till Frapp consistency. Top with fat free whip cream, and if your feeling crazy crush up some cinnamon toast crunch cereal on top!! (If you aren’t being super strict with carbs you could even add some into the frapp to give it a little crunch!)

Let me know what you think of this little creation!!! ENJOY!!

Macros: 1 C |1 F |25 P

(Macros vary depending on the protein you use.)

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