Proper Skin Care For People Who Workout

Alright all my fellow gym-goers, lets talk skincare. We all have a love hate relationship with sweat. Its great to sweat and it makes you feel rejuvinated, but also after about 10 minutes of it sitting on your skin you can start to feel your pores getting sticky clogged. So, I’m going to share some of my skincare routine and things I do to prevent break outs!



I always wash my face 2 times a day. Usually once in the morning after i’ve worked out, then once right before I go to bed. I use the mario badescu enzyme wash.Every other day I use the dermalogica clearing wash which has salicylic acid in it. Salicylic is really good to use to prevent breakouts, but it can dry the skin so its good to offset the days you use it with a mild cleanser. Do not wash your face more then 2 times a day, it can actually cause you to break out when you over cleanse! If you want to use something to wash your face with after the gym then I would either use a wipe, or lemon juice and cold water is really great too! The acid in the lemon helps to clean the skin, but again the acid can be very drying so I wouldn’t recommend doing this every day.

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Tone- Don’t forget about the toner!!!!! Everyone always forgets about toners, and for people who workout toner is a MUST! It gives your skin an extra cleansing, it shrinks your pores and restores your skins PH balance. Since it shrinks your pores it addsa layer of protection to prevent your pores from getting clogged. Toners usually contain a glycolic acid that can also prevent ingrown hairs!

Moisturize– Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!! I can’t say it enough, when you cleanse your face you are also drying it. So you have to remember to moisturize. Moisturizing daily will also help prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Yes, even you oily skin folks need to moisturize. Find yourself one that is meant for oily skin, I know Mario Badescu carries a few in their line for oily/.combo skin. I reccommend moisturizing at least 3 times a day. I also think its really important to get a SPF. Even if you don’t workout outside you still should always use a SPF. Sun rays can even get you while you’re driving. You’re never safe!

Mask– Once a week try to incorporate some sort of mask into your skincare routine. This will really help get a deep clean in and clear out the sweat a toxins out of your skin! A great one for us athletes is the charcoal mask by origins.

Exfoliate– Get youself a good exfoliater. It is so important to make sure you exfoliate the skin to help clear off any dead skin cells. Exoliating will help with an overall healthier glow to the skin. Whatever you do don’t over-exfoliate.  No more then 2-3 times a week. If you do it everyday you aren’t giving your skin cells anytime to grow back and then you basically are just irritating the skin which ultimately will result in break outs.

Ok now I know that sometimes when we go to the gym we don’t bother to take off our makeup. I am totally guilty of this, but its such a bad habit! When you sweat your pores open up and then all of that makeup gets inside your pores and clogs them! That can result in really bad breakouts. If you absolutely have to wear makeup to the gym use nothing more then a light powder. Even all those bb and cc creams still will get into your pores and clog them.

As soon as you finish with your workout make sure you wash your face or use a cleansing wipe to get all the sweat and toxins off your face!


Just follow these simple skin care steps and i’m sure your skin will be looking amazing very soon!





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