No gym workout!

Its summer time! I know lots of you are probably traveling, and i’m sure you’ve run into the problem of not having a gym! So this workout you need absolutely NO equipment. This is eliminating all excuses! All you need is yourself! You wanna keep that summer bod intact while on vacation then follow this workout!

No gym workout:

10 exercises=1 Round. No break in between exercises. At the end of each round take a 90 second break.

3 rounds= beginner 5 rounds= intermediate 10 rounds= advanced 15 rounds= Expert

Sprinters lunges x30

Push ups til failure

Walking lunges x30

Air squats x25

High Knees x50

Leg raises x15

Floor crunches x15

Calf raises x25

Windshield wipers x30

Jump squats x50

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