New Year New YOU!

Alright ya’ll its a new year. SO lets put all that 2019 junk behind us. Emotional junk, physical junk, and of course JUNK FOOD!

I see many people starting off the new year with great new goals and intentions but then very quickly falling off. So what happens to make people have such great motivation and then weeks later have none at all? The New Year makes people think okay, i’m starting fresh lets make this year a NEW me! Then, reality sinks in. All the bad eating done last year all the workouts missed all of it built up over time. So what it gonna take to get that weight off? TIME. Most of us tend to get discouraged if with in the first 2 weeks of starting a new fitness plan we don’t see results and then we give up.

Remember this- Your body took TIME to put on all that fat, now its gonna take TIME to get it all off. So what are some key points to having a successful new years resolution?


Give yourself a solid month to see changes, expect to notice a drastic weight drop in the beginning and then it will tend to slow down dramatically. The initial weight drop is usually water, so don’t get too excited the first week and see you dropped 5 pounds then go reward yourself with junk. Or else that weight will be back within a day from the influx in carbs. I challenge you to give it a full month of giving it your all not cheating on your diet, getting workouts in, and then once you start to see changes that should give you the motivation you need to keep going.

Stay Away from cheat meals the first month, let yourself have little things here and there so you are not fully depriving yourself and then binge eating and screwing up your whole body! Your whole life up until now has been a cheat meal!! You can sacrifice 1 month of no cheats.

Most importantly keep going…. its a process. Don’t give up and just remind yourself NEW YEAR NEW YOU!!

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