How to pack for out of town Bodybuilding show!

Attention all bodybuilding competitors!! This post is for you! Don’t know what to pack for your bodybuilding show? Have to travel on a plane? How are you gonna get your food there?! How are you gonna remember all the things you need to bring!! Well have no fear! We are going to cover everything you need to know about preparing for a bodybuilding competition when traveling.

So what do you need to remember to bring for your bodybuilding show? There’s 3 things that out of everything else you CAN ABSOLUTELY NOT FORGET!! These are- your suit, heels, and jewelry. Anything else if you forget it you can always go to the store and buy. If you are traveling on a plane I highly highly recommend bringing a carry on with these 3 things in it. God forbid your luggage doesn’t make it there at least you have your most important things for show day.

Some other items I recommend bringing that you should put in that same carry on as your suit, heels, and jewelry are-

Transporting food especially on planes is always another thing competitors get super stressed about! First things first- invest in a nice cooler bag if you don’t already have one Six pack bags are super great for this. To save more space try using plastic ziploc bags instead of tupperware. This is nice as well because then you can always throw the bags away when you are done and don’t have to worry about cleaning anything!

Make sure that if you bring freezer packs they are COMPLETELY frozen. TSA will take them if they are starting to thaw out. I suggest waiting til the very last second to pack your food bag. If worst comes to worst and they do get taken try asking a starbucks or a restaurant for a to-go cup of ice and that should help keep your food cool until you get to your destination.

I always prefer to stay at a hotel that has a mini kitchenette if its available. Airbnbs are always good too. Make sure that if your room doesn’t have a kitchenette you call the hotel ahead of time and make sure that they have a mini fridge and a microwave that you’re able to use when you get there! Sometimes they have these on special request if they aren’t included already in your room. ALWAYS CHECK!

If you want to meal prep when you get there or want to get some water gallons/ liquids you couldn’t bring on the plane- my favorite thing to use is Instacart. With only a 4.00 delivery fee you can pick out all your groceries on the app and then they bring you all your groceries straight to your hotel room! You can even pick the exact time you want them delivered!

Make sure that you have all your appointment times written down in your phone or on a piece of paper, and always make sure you know the show schedule.

Another key tip if you are in an area that you don’t know very well, always always plan on being early to your appointments and on the day of the show! You never know how traffic is going to be and you always want to make sure you are where you’re supposed to be on time! The show will not wait for you!!!!! Don’t ever forget that! I always recommend once you’re all ready (Hair, tan, makeup) suit up and put a robe or cover up on, bring your food bag and just go wait at the venu. Show day majority of the time your waiting, so if your waiting a little early at least your safe rather then sorry!!

I hope this helps some of you that are traveling for bodybuilding shows!!!

Just when packing keep saying to yourself- SUIT, HEELS, JEWELRY OVER AND OVER!! Most important 3 things LOL!

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