How to maintain weight during the holidays!

Yes its almost CHRISTMAS!! Can you believe it? So that means all the yummy food, and sadly for alot of us, all the WEIGHT GAIN. So how do you say no to Grandmas gingerbread cookies? Or Aunt Marshas Corn casserole?! Well i’m here to tell you, you can have all of it. Yep- you heard me, ALL OF IT! Alot of us let the idea of the holidays and all the parties and gatherings with food mean that we automatically are just gonna gain weight. So lets just say the month of december you go to 4 holiday parties, then christmas, christmas eve, and new years you eat bad. So thats 7 “Cheat meals”. Lets say you on average you eat 6 times a day, thats 186 meals!! So you’re gonna let the other 179 meals get completely ruined just from 7 bad meals?! I THINK NOT!

Consistency is the key during the holidays. While yes you might have some bad meals, and maybe more then usual. Don’t change your routine, don’t try to punish yourself everytime you eat bad. Just wake up start the day off how you usually would, workout how you usually would do everything how you usually would! You will be shocked at how your body responds to consistency.

Moderation is another key principle when trying to maintain weight during the holidays. So for example I love sweets. So for me I won’t try to stuff myself during dinner so that I can have a bigger dessert. Pick and choose where you want to spend more of your calories. Don’t just go and binge eat like no other and leave yourself with a super bloated stomach, a seriously bad tummy ache, and major water retention. Binging is super easy to do during the holidays because theres always food just sitting out and you’re sitting there hanging out gabbing over a plate of cookies and before you know it you’ve eaten 10! Be aware of how much you are putting in your mouth.

Just because the month of december your diet might not be on point don’t use that as an excuse not to workout! Continue your workouts as normal and don’t try to punish yourself with endless amounts of cardio! If you want to add a little extra 10-15 minutes thats fine but no need to go do 2 hours of cardio and starve yourself. You are just setting yourself up for epic failure if you do that!

So with all this being said, enjoy your holidays! Eat all the yummy treats just don’t overdo it! Everything in life should be in moderation.

Merry Christmas!

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