How to maintain a lean physique during the holidays!

By: Joie Rizzo

So, you’ve put in all this hard work all year long but now we have all the holidays quickly approaching. How are you going to maintain your physique during this time? Well i’m going to share some of my tips and tricks of what I do during the holidays!



The holidays are suppose to be a time to enjoy time with your friends and family. While yes, of course we have goals and sometimes family might not understand those goals you still want to be respectful of quality time. Don’t make your lifestyle someone elses problem. Meaning, if you are to go stay at a family members house don’t get mad that they don’t have the exact food that you may want. Take accountability that you are going to be a guest in someone elses home and come prepared. Also, don’t say no to everything this is a time where its ok to let loose a little. Have a cookie if you want, but don’t eat 100 cookies. Have a little self control.



I think self control is the most important factor in maintaining your physique during the holidays. Last year I was gone for 11 days during Christmas, I went to NYC and Pennsylvania. So clearly food was something I had to have alot of self control with. If you are traveling I recommend to bring some protein powder and protein bars for quick on the go meals, that way you aren’t holding everyone up when its time for you to eat again. I tried to eat fairly clean all day then one meal a day I would have a cheat meal. This is a good time to follow the “if it fits your macros diet” that way you can have some different things while still staying in a good calorie range. Good self control comes with knowing yourself, if you know that when you have one piece of candy thats going to turn into 50 then you know you probably shouldn’t eat the candy.



Normally the issue is diet during the holidays, not so much working out. You NEED to be on a solid workout regimen during the holidays, especially if you know your diet is going to be off. I always like to increase intensity in my workouts because I know  my diet is never perfect during the holidays. I usually will add a little more cardio just to kind of balance out any extra food.



Drinking of course for most people is a big part of the holidays. Be mindful that just like food, alcohol has extra calories. And if you drink a lot then its going to be A LOT of extra calories. I always suggest staying with lighter beers, champagne, or a drink such as vodka tonic. Be mindful as well that if you drink  a lot it is going to slow you down the next day, especially if you already don’t drink on a regular basis. It all goes back to just being mindful and everything in moderation. Just like the cookies and candy alcohol should be consumed in moderation.



Yes, Yes, I know I said don’t be a grinch. But, at the same time do not let people peer pressure you into eating something you don’t want to. People tend to not understand a fitness lifestyle and sometimes get offended, even if you are minding your own business. A lot of times people feel insecure about how they are eating or how they look so, if they see you making a healthy decision they will say something negative to you. Don’t let them get in your head, just smile nicely and ignore the comment. You worked your bum off to get where you are so don’t let grandma jane, or cindy loo hoo tell you any different.

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