How to get your booty popping with Be Fit Apparel!

Okay, so you workout, you do your squats, you eat right and all the things. Now you want some hot workout clothes to show off all your hard work! So i’m gonna take you through some of our best selling leggings and shorts that will be sure to give your booty the extra umph!

Butt lifters-

We don’t call these leggings butt lifters for nothing. Our butt lifter leggings are made out of textured fabric that clings to your body. The way the leggings are stitched help to pull the fabric up your bum, and the textured fabric disguises any flaw. Pretty amazing right? We have a variety of different colors to choose from as well!

These are scrunch butt, butt lifter leggings.

Scrunch Butt-

We have a scrunch butt leggings and shorts in stock at Be Fit Apparel! These are all the rage right now. The inseam in the back is ruched so that it pulls up your bum and really enhances the size and makes your butt look even rounder! We even have butt lifter scrunch butt leggings!

Check out some of these awesome styles to get your booty poppin!

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