How To Actually Stick To Your New Years Resolution!

Well the holidays are over, and now its time to start your new years resolution. I’m sure most of you made one thats fitness related. Usually we all do considering how the holidays makes it very easy to pack on some extra pounds between the food and traveling! It’s sad statistics say that less then 10% of people actually stick to their new years resolution. Here are a few key tips that you can use to help yourself actually stick to yours!

Find something you love to do

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Most of the time why people find it so hard to stick to their new years resolution is because they are forcing themselves to do something they don’t like. A lot of times people tend to think that if they need to do cardio that they can ONLY go run on the treadmill. This is so not true. I’m a bikini competitor myself and I never run on the treadmill… EVER. I hate running, for my cardio I like to go on the stairmaster, the spin bike, or go biking outside! Find something you love doing, weather its running, biking, zumba class, kayaking, roller blading, etc! Find something thats gets you excited and doesn’t feel like a chore. This will make it so much easier to make your new years resolution long term.

Hold yourself accountable

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Lets face it, its very easy to forget about your goals if you don’t have anyone to report to or don’t have a set goal for yourself weekly. I recommend getting a personal trainer if you know that you tend to lose that accountability. Or even get a friend to do the new years resolution with you! That way you have someone whose doing the same thing as you and it makes it easier to accomplish your goals because you both hold each other accountable.

Have a realistic plan

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A lot of times when people make a new years resolution having to do with weight loss, they give themselves an unrealistic goal. Such as “i’m gonna lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks!”. Unfortunately this will more then likely not happen and most people tend to get discouraged if they don’t see major results weekly or even daily. Give yourself a realistic goal such as “Lose 30 pounds over the next 4-6 months.” Remind yourself to be patient, you didn’t put on the weight in 2 weeks so you definitely won’t lose it in 2 weeks. Sometimes its even better to take pictures weekly, instead of looking at the scale. Its hard to see your progress in the mirror, but if you have pictures to compare weekly side by side you will see change!

Be prepared

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The year has changed, but your schedule has not. If you’ve had problems in the past accomplishing your goals around your schedule, this time be prepared. See where you’ve failed in the past. Maybe you didn’t meal prep and ended up having to eat something from the vending machine. Maybe you didn’t plan to get up early enough to go to the gym. Make sure you prepare to succeed and plan your meals, and workouts accordingly! Just because you signed up at a gym doesn’t mean your gonna lose weight, you have to actually make a point of going!

DON’T GIVE UP! It’s a New Year, and its time to make a big difference in your life. Make this resolution turn into a lifestyle change!

By: Joie Rizzo

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