Finding healthy foods at the grocery store- Eat this or That?

Grocery shopping, can be very difficult for the majority of us. So many choices it can get overwhelming especially if you are trying to eat clean.

So lets go through some of the aisles at the grocery store and decide if we should eat this or that!


Yes bread has gotten a horrible name over the years. Do not fear! You can still eat bread, just choose the healthier option!


The Cleanest bread you can eat is ezekial bread, With only 80 calories per slice, and no sugar its one of the cleanest breads you can eat!


Ditch the gourmet bread rolls. While I know they may taste great, they are significantly higher in calories and you can’t compare the health benefits to ezkeial bread!


English muffins are great alternative to bagels and other heavy breakfast breads! They cut the calories in HALF.


Bagels unfortunately are extremely high in calories, and usually the sugar content is pretty high as well. Ditch the bagels!


Oatmeal is a super healthy breakfast item but unfortunately alot of companies out there have come up with all these fancy flavors and while they might say “high in protein” they usually are high in sugar as well. If you don’t like plain rolled oats try this-

This oatmeal is super low in sugar and calories and the taste is fantastic!


This may catch your attention since its says “Protein” but unfortunately its only 2 grams higher in protein then the weight control one and its MUCH higher in sugar.


For a long time there wasn’t very many yogurts on the market that taste good but now there is a healthy option!!


This is a great option for yogurt with only 2 grams of sugar!! Great taste as well!


This picture basically says it all. No, just NO!! So much added sugar!


Stay away from that cow milk. Try something better like unsweetened almond milk or cashew milk!!

Granola bars:

Unfortunately alot of the cereal bars out there may seem like a great option but the truth is they are super high in sugar and empty calories!! If you want a bar try ONE bars! They are a great meal replacement and low in sugar!


While chips are for sure one of americas biggest snack foods they are not the healthiest option. Try baked chips or rice cakes!

I hope this helps some of you on your grocery shopping adventures!!

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