Different Styles Of Leggings At Be Fit Apparel!

Ever look at our website and get a little overwhelmed because we have SO much cute workout gear? You don’t know where to start or are confused about how some of our leggings fit? Well we are here to help! I’m going to go over some of our most popular legging styles at Be Fit Apparel and explain the fit of each and what makes each one special!

The “Buttlifter”

The Butt lifter https://befitapparel.com/product/be-fit-grey-butt-lift-leggings/

I know, I know “Butt Lift”? Do these pants actually give you a lifted butt?! Well I have to say i’ve worn these leggings quite a bit, and they truly make my butt look AMAZING. The way the seams are placed so strategically to give you that illusion of the absolute perfect bubble butt! The textured supplex helps to really suck you in and enhance your bottom. That paired with the strategic lining helps to really lift the butt!

The “Peach Booty” Or “Scrunch Butt’

Scrunch butt legging https://befitapparel.com/product/be-fit-red-scrunch-butt-legging-2/g

This is a very popular style, the ruching on the back helps to shape the butt into a perfect peach. Hence the name “peach booty” was born. It scrunches up right above the butt and pulls the fabric back so it shapes your butt and makes it look super plump!

The “Sock” Legging

The Sock Legging https://befitapparel.com/product/be-fit-cheetah-scrunch-collegiate-legging/

The sock legging doesn’t actually have socks, but at the bottom of every pair there is a stripes to give a “collegiate” looking sock bottom! We have this popular style also with scrunch butt!

The “Bubble” Legging

The Bubble Legging https://befitapparel.com/product/be-fit-yellow-bubble-scrunch-legging/

Our bubble legging is a fabric called “Jacquard” which is a form of supplex that is textured and looks like bubbles on the fabric. The textured fabric is not only SUPER cute, but it helps to mask cellulite or any imperfection on the legs. It is not see through and does an amazing job of camouflaging. Again we have these in scrunch butt style as well!

The “Sliced” Leggings

The Sliced Legging https://befitapparel.com/product/be-fit-black-front-slice-legging/

All of our leggings with slices are carefully cut so that they will not stretch out or rip. You can rock these leggings for ages and they will hold their shape! We have many different types of sliced leggings on our website, some are cut in the front of the legs, the back, or the side!

The “Mesh” leggings

The Mesh Legging https://befitapparel.com/product/be-fit-pink-and-black-scrunch-butt-mesh-legging/

We have a lot of leggings that feature mesh accents, the mesh on our leggings is very sturdy therefore, ripping shouldn’t be an issue! I have several pairs of our mesh leggings and have worn them through some brutal leg workouts and they never rip!

“Lite supplex” VS “Regular supplex”

Lite Supplex https://befitapparel.com/product/be-fit-red-and-white-small-stripes-legging/

Regular Supplex https://befitapparel.com/product/be-fit-green-and-black-ombre-scrunch-butt-legging/

This is something you might come across alot on our website. They both are supplex, but the difference between both is the lite supplex is much thinner. This does not mean its see through it just is not as thick and supportive as the regular supplex. Lite supplex is very soft and light where as regular supplex gives a little more compression and support! The red and white stripes pictured above is an example of our “Lite” supplex and the green is the “regular”.

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