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We got a chance to sit down and talk to our brand ambassador IFBB pro Judy Weichman. Judy is an absolutely amazing person and athlete. She represents everything that Be Fit Apparel stands for! She truly lives the “Be Fit lifestyle” -a strong woman and incredibly dedicated living the fit life everyday. Judy is a Christian and walks in the faith with everything she does. Always put God first and helping others along the way of her successful journey. Judy is such a strong woman and has overcome many obstacles. She has been diagnosed with MS but never let that stop her from achieving her goals! She turned pro 2 years ago and has continued her journey as an IFBB pro. Judy is an inspiration to all of us, she is a mother of 3 and still finds time in her busy schedule to train and eat accordingly.

We got the opportunity to ask judy some questions about what made her start in the fitness industry-




What is your name? 

“Judy Weichman”


Where are you from? 

“Bloomington, IL”


How old are you? 

“49 1/2”


How did you hear about Be Fit?

“I saw on Instagram. then met Dianne (the owner of Be Fit) in person at my show”


How did you get started in the fitness industry? 

“I was having some symptoms and after many tests they said I had the early stages of  MS.  The head neurologist at Mayo’s said he wouldn’t put me on meds yet but to change my eating.  He said eat clean and start working out.”


What gym do you go to?  

“Golds Gym”


What category do you compete in?


What made you decide to live a fit lifestyle?  

“Once I got the diagnosis I decided that day things would have to change.  The next day I bought the MS Diet book and started making my own food and joined a gym that Monday and have never looked back 😊”


What Made you decide to compete?

“After I had been lifting for a year a friend approached me saying I should do a show.  I had no idea what a show entailed. He explained and I researched some.  Then I signed myself up for my 1st show.”


What shows have you competed in?  

“Many local NPC shows, Pittsburgh Nationals, Junior Nationals, North Americans, Tampa Pro and Chicago Pro”


What kind of meal plan do you follow? 

“High protein, higher carbs, and good fats”


What is your training regimen?


“It changes accordingly but currently doing:

Chest, Delts and Triceps

Calves, Back, Biceps


Shoulders/Arms/Upper Back



What is your favorite exercise?   

“Shoulder Press”


What do you like to do for fun?  

“Spending time with my kids and Boyfriend”


Do you have any advice you would give to someone just starting out in the fitness industry?


“My best advice is concentrate on your clean meals, they are more important than anything to achieve the goals you desire. If can find a reputable trainer who provides nutrition plans then follow 100%.  The closer you follow the better results you will see in your physique.”



Follow Judy’s fitness journey on instagram @judyweichman3_ifbbpro

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